This gallery will close for corrections on
Saturday, January 27 at 9 am. 

Gallery #1 – Design B – First Names beginning with A through O

  • Grams are in alphabetical order by first name.
  • The grams below have a logo watermark to protect your purchase. This logo will not appear on your printed gram.
  • If your gram looks correct, then you’re good to go! Grams that we do not receive any feedback on will print as they appear in the gallery.
  • Due to the large number of grams for this meet, we are requesting that corrections/edits be made only to correct errors. 
  • Please text your corrections to (330) 451-6226.  You can also email your corrections to
  • Include your Meet Name and your Gymnast’s Full Name in the text or email
  • Corrections need to be sent in written form via text or email.

    Due to the large number of Good Luck Grams at the Buckeye Classic, we will be creating multiple proof galleries. Proofs will be released over a few days, and the deadline for each gallery will vary depending on when those proofs are made available on the website. You will receive an email when your proof is available.

Thanks for proofing your Good Luck Gram!

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Please Note All Payments will be processed as “Better Banner Printing”