You can contact Good Luck Grams staff about your order. The meet coordinators do not handle questions regarding your Good Luck Gram order.

You can reach us via email or text/ call us at (330) 451-6226.

A Good Luck Gram is a 18”x 24” full-color sign on a sturdy plastic backing that includes your child’s name, photo, and a personal message from you!

  • Good Luck Grams at gymnastics meets are 18″x24″.
  • Season Celebration Grams and other limited edition grams with home delivery are available in 9″x12″ and 18″x24″ sizes.

Yes, you can! Send us an email with your changes, and we will update your order.

Yes, you can!

You will receive an email with a link to your proof about 2-3 weeks prior to the gymnastics meet. Simply review your proof, and text or email us with any changes or corrections.

All edits must be sent via text or email. Please include your gymnast’s name and event in your text or email.

If you ordered a Good Luck Gram for a gymnastics meet, your Gram will be shipped directly to the meet. Meet staff will display the Grams for everyone to see when they enter the meet!

If you ordered a Season Celebration Gram or another limited edition Gram, it will be shipped directly to your home.

At most meets, your Good Luck Gram will be displayed on the wall with two 3M Command Tabs at the top of the Gram. Simply, pull the tabs, and your gram will release from the wall.

Some meet use painter’s tape to display their Grams, which you can also easily remove from the wall.


Sales should be at least 2-3 weeks long to give you enough time to promote your sale. Sales will end 3-4 weeks prior to your event date to give us enough time for design, proofing, printing and shipping.

We’re happy to launch your sale at the same time as your registration opens.

You make a portion of each Good Luck Gram sold for your event. We charge a production fee for each gram, and the difference between your sale price and our production fee goes back to you.


Grams Price – $30 each * Grams Sold 150 – Production Fee $25/gram = $750 raised

Production fees are subject to change based on increases in materials and shipping costs. Our staff will confirm your production cost during your event set-up process.

The most popular way to display Good Luck Grams at your meet is by hanging them on your venue’s walls. We will provide 3M Command Tabs, or painter’s tape to hang the grams. Both of these options hang your Grams securely, but are easy for parents to remove.

If your venue does not allow you to hang anything on the walls, there are alternate ways to display your grams. We will work with you to develop a display option that works for your venue.

  • Grams can be displayed on the back of your event bleachers with adhesive tabs and S hooks.
  • Grams can be displayed on easels throughout your venue.

Our staff will work with you to confirm when you need the Grams to arrive. During the height of the gymnastics season, most Grams arrive on the Monday or Tuesday of meet week.

If you need your Grams to arrive on a specific day, please let us know.

You will receive your proceeds via check 2-3 weeks after your meet. Checks are sent with tracking to ensure they arrive securely.