Please fill out the form below to order your Good Luck Gram for the Level 9 & 10 Regional Championships for Region 7

Each gram is $35.00, and includes your gymnast’s picture, name, team name, and a personal message from you.

When choosing a photo for your gram, choose one that really showcases their personality, confidence and love of gymnastics. You can use professional photos, but candid shots from a meet or practice at the gym work great, too.

 – Please do not crop photos too closely to your gymnast. We will center the photograph so that your gymnast is the star, but we need the photo around them to be able to enlarge it. 

Once we have your order, we will input your gymnast’s information and photo into the template pictured above. Then it will be printed, shipped to the meet, and placed in a gallery of positive encouragement for everyone to see.

 – If any information is missing, or there is a problem with the photo, we will reach out to you.
– If you need to order more than one gram, please use a separate form for each gram order.
 – You can pay for your gram securely at the bottom of this form. 

When you’re ready to leave the meet, gently pull your gram off of the wall. It will be held on with a few loops of painter’s tape on the back. If you need help, please speak with event staff or volunteer.

Sales will end on Tuesday, April 4,  2023 at 9 am.

Questions? Email Good Luck Grams at or call/text us at (330) 451-6226.

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